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Nuwisha are were-coyotes, one of the Changing Breeds of the World of Darkness.

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Endonymic symbol of the Nuwisha

The Nuwisha fill the role of "Gaia's Teachers". They are aware that Gaia's other children, particularly the Garou, are stubborn learners, and so typically trick people into learning things, rather than just directly telling them information. They were nearly rendered extinct in the War of Rage. The most well known part of their equivalent to the Garou Litany is the following: "Always Prank the Wyrm".


There are only two known breeds of Nuwisha: Homid and Latrani. Metis do not exist, for either spiritual reasons or the fact that two were-coyotes tend not to stick together long enough to have a child.


Nuwisha forms

Nuwisha forms are analogous to those of the Garou:

  • Homid - human form
  • Tsitsu - near-man form
  • Manabozho - the war form
  • Sendeh - near-coyote form
  • Latrani - coyote form


Unlike most Fera, who achieve Rank through honor and the favor of their Tribe, Nuwisha gain Renown through teaching. Instead of Honor, they have Humor - and the more humorous they prove to their deity, a form of Coyote incarnate, the more Renown they obtain.

Relationships with Others

The Nuwisha take great pride not only in teaching others, but learning a great many things themselves. To that end, they are aware and interact with most if not all of the other changing breeds. By traveling in disguise, they have learned a great many things about the various Fera of the world, gaining notoriety and enmity from most of them. This only occurs well after the Nuwisha has left the area, leaving those tricked by them either confused at the odd stranger that only asked questions or enraged that a Nuwisha got the best secrets and escaped scot-free. They are on good terms with the Gurahl and the Corax.

The Garou (with exception to the Uktena and the Wendigo) believe that the Nuwisha are extinct.

Known Nuwisha



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