Nuriel was a Salubri warrior of great renown. He codified the history of the Warrior Caste of his clan.


In the days of the purge of the Salubri clan, Nuriel was seen by many of his clan members as the greatest of their surviving warriors and a worthy successor to the legacy of Samiel. He was a warrior dedicated to Mithras[1] during his life, and caught the attention of his sire after the two battled each other – his Embrace became the stuff of legends among younger generation of Salubri.

His future fate remains uncertain, but he was not able to rally the clan against the Tremere persecution.


In Jewish mythology, Nuriel is the angel responsible for hailstorms.


  1. "Mithras" refers to many things in the World of Darkness, including ancient Persian mythology, a historical Roman religion, a faction of the Sacred Congregation, and a Ventrue methuselah. In this case the text probably refers to a religion.
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