Numina is an umbrella term for the supernatural powers possessed by mortals in the World of Darkness. At current, three main groups of numina have been outlined and includes psychic powers, sorcery, and True Faith.


Sorcery - Numina greatly vary from mortal to mortal, although the most common form is sorcery, the form of magic used by sleeper "hedge wizards". Psychic Powers - Less common forms of numina include psychic powers Theurgy - the pseudo-sorcerous Theurgy of the Society of Leopold, Blood Affinities - The Gypsies' Families of Power, Disciplines - the vampiric Disciplines used by ghouls, Garou Gifts - the Garou Gifts known to some Kinfolk. True Faith - True Faith is also a form of numina, due to the supernatural advantages it gives as well as its rarity in the World of Darkness, although anyone (not just mortals) may possess it, though only under extraordinary circumstances.


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