Number Two was once a Black Spiral Dancers who served the Wyrm so well that all of the Triatic Wyrms combined their power to transform her into an Incarna.


The ruler of Malfeas is a unique and powerful Incarna known only as Number Two. A popular legend among Malfeas’ denizens holds that Number Two was the first Garou ever to walk the Labyrinth, though the truth of this story remains unknown. Her original name allegedly lost to time, legends say that even Number Two does not recall it. As befits the ruler of Malfeas and overlord of its Central Duchy, she is a brutal tyrant who fears having her power usurped, and kills any who she suspects of plotting to betray her. Her guards consist of a dozen of the most powerful Black Spiral Dancers, aided by seven hideous and deadly Fomori. These guards are magically bound to her, and take any injury that would wound Number Two, leaving her unharmed. She avoids the politicking of the Maeljin Incarna, instead sending intermediaries to deal with them. After all, they only really want her power. Number Two spends most of the Central Duchy’s resources defending against their plans, and launching deadly retaliation against anyone who thinks she is an easy target. Although she can appear in dozens of terrible forms, Number Two usually appears as a hideously scarred and blood-caked Glabro. She can also appear as a Scrag, and as a Psychomachia with the mouth of a lamprey and scythe-blades for forearms.


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