NullMysteriis mark
Organization Name: Null Mysteriis
Other names: Organization for Rational Assessment of the Supernatural
Type: Second-tier compact
Founder: Jean-Pierre Brattel
Founded: 1893
Endowment: I'm Doing Science

Null Mysteriis is a compact of hunters based on a loosely-organized group of scientists and professionals who use science and logic to determine the truth behind the creatures of darkness.


Taking its name from the Latin phrase "Nullum Mysteriis Processit" ("Out of the unexplained comes nothing"), Null Mysteriis has its origins in work of Jean-Pierre Brattel, after he attended a Parisian Theosophist Society meeting in 1893. Disappointed that they were a religious movement rather than serious scientists, he left with new ideas. However, he also felt that scientists of the era would shrug off his theories as impossible in an age when many scientists felt they had unlocked the answers of creation. By the start of World War 1, the group had gained massive membership across Europe and America, before the two world wars decimated the group. Despite such setbacks, the group opened it's permanent headquarters in London in 1941, and in the 1970s went through a resurgence in membership that brought the group back to it's glory days of the early 20th century.


Null Mysteriis seeks to explain the existence and abilities of the monsters in the dark purely through science and logical reasoning. While some deny the existence of any "magic" or "divine powers" most simply believe that the supernatural exists and can be understood with the scientific method.


By day, members of Null Mysteriis are members of the scientific and medical communities; it is in their "free time" that they devote themselves to the hunt for the supernatural and the experimentation to explain what they find. A minimal administrative staff puts together formal membership packets and helps maintain the organization's meeting places. The elected head of the group is the General Secretary, currently astrophysicist Alexander Watt, as well as officers position such as treasurer, now headed by psychologist Vincent Fielding.

Null Mysteriis is in a bit of internal crisis, however, as Watt and Fielding are battling against each other for the proper road the group should take, creating various competing Theories within the group.

Rationalists feel that everything in their world can be explained with the scientific method, no matter how long it takes. The group, led by Watt, makes up the majority of the organization.

Open Minds, under Fielding, have a more open approach, using methods that can be considered pseudoscience, or at times things that can be called "unscientific", to approach the truth. The group is rapidly growing in numbers under Fielding's leadership.

Cataclysmicists hold a highly varied worldview from their peers in the group, that the scientific method is not enough, and that outright mysticism is the only way to unlock the secrets of their world, only with a much darker bent; they believe the world will end soon, no matter what anyone does.


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