Null-B was a Construct of the Technocratic Union. It was located at the center of Yenosia, a Horizon Realm. Originally a Reality Deviant chantry called Arcosia, it was captured in the 1700s. The assault pulverized the Realm, leaving it mostly barren.

In time, Null-B became one of the largest and most successful Constructs of the Union. As the Pogrom accelerated on Earth it also became more aggressive beyond the Gauntlet. Situated near the Traditions' Horizon Realms, Null-B became the forward base for numerous raids and assaults.

More then a military base, Null-B was designed for the many needs of the Union beyond the Gauntlet. The Construct was multi-Conventional, so Enlightened Science research, information gathering/espionage, bureaucratic requirements and planning, and Orphan recruitment/capture could all be found there. Additionally, Null-B was a factory for advanced Enlightened Science creations, such as Voidships, HIT Marks, and Devices, as well as less advanced technology being prepared for the Masses. The factory was worked by Reality Deviants and censured members of the Union, thus acting as a penal colony as well.

Recent HistoryEdit

By the 1990s Null-B had become a shadow of its former self, suffering from lack of investment, riven by inter-Convention politics, and swamped by professional backstabbing. When Control sent word to intensify attacks on Marauders and Nephandi beyond the Gauntlet, the Construct was not prepared for the dangerous project. Marauders retaliated in large numbers, eventually destroying Null-B in the late 1990s.[1]


In the mid-1800s, the Dreamspeaker Laughing Eagle was captured and assigned to Null-B as slave labor. He escaped and later held the Seat of Spirit on the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions.


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