Nu Ying (Raging Eagle) is a sifu of the Akashic Brotherhood. Formerly one of the Vajrapani, Nu Ying retired to become a Kannagara as the Ascension War finally ended.

Unusually even for an Akashic, Nu Ying can remember every lifetime back to the Himalayan Wars. He discovered the conspiracy behind the White Coumada, and served as an assassin to silence other Akashics who threatened to expose it. This left him with an enormous karmic burden: it is implied he has reincarnated at least once in the Pit of Harmony, and in his present incarnation he has been told he will die if he ever leaves a bodhimandala for more than seven days at a time.

His current incarnation is an older white man, although he looks a good twenty years younger than his actual age. This Nu Ying was born in Colorado and Awakened during a boxing match. Since the destruction of the Consanguinity of Eternal Joy and the end of the Ascension War, he joined the Kannagara monks and has primarily lived a life of contemplation in Tibet, struggling with the weight of his past.

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