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  • Anniversary of the founding of the Arcanum. A celebration is held at each new Chapter House (presumably those which have been created in the year previous).[1]
  • 1886
    • Winthrop Murray writes about the success of the Arcanum after a year in existence. They are now 48 Journeymen strong, with a full 29 living at Holmscroft Manor, and a further five associates. They have a specialist in nearly every occult realm, and although Benjamen Holmscroft is undoubtedly the one in charge, he seems to "know much but offers little."[6]
  • 1910
    • Members of the Arcanum Executive Committee visit the new American Chapter Houses on the Arcanum's anniversary, announcing their decision to grant the American Houses autonomy. Jonathan Kelvin is to be granted directorship of the American Chapters, and will move to the Washington, D.C. House.[1]
  • 2003
    • Scientists at Puerto Rico's world-famous Arecibo Radio Observatory are unable to explain the strange electromagnetic interference that is causing strange displays in the night sky and blanketing airwaves with waves of sound that one official describes as "a chorus of bestial growls and moans." At a recent conference, scientists concurred that, whatever the source of the strange noises is, the strength of the interference is steadily increasing. One unnamed official insisted that he had been able to discern distinct voices and patterns of speech among the noise.[9]
    • A fire sweeps through Manhattan's Barnard College tonight, destroying the library and rare-books collection. The fire also exposes an extensive underground complex records call the "Chantry of Five Boroughs." Ashy remains are all that are left of the inhabitants.[10]

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  • ^  This may be a typo: Benjamen Holmscroft disappeared from public life in 1914. However, evidence exists to suppose that Holmscroft may be immortal, or at least very long-lived. He may yet exist in 1994.

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