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Real-life Events

Chronicles of Darkness Events

  • 1953
    • J. Edgar Hoover reorganizes the Repeat Crimes Unit of the FBI into the Serious Crimes Investigation Unit, or SCIU, with the goal of investigating serial killers. SCIU eventually adds psychic agents and reforms into the Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit. [1]

World of Darkness Events

  • 1993
    • 111011010 returns to William Arthur Smith's cell, looking haggard and sporting a purple bruise on his temple. He asks Smith for help, but Smith refuses. Once he leaves, Smith files a report.[3] Once 111011010 leaves, Decillion triggers his nanotech failsafe. No evidence remains, but Smith has proven his loyalty.[4]

Trinity Universe Events

  • 2054
    • S. Helbig, FBI Director, sends a message to C. Barnett of the Omaha Office. Barnett is approved for a raid on the Hastings compound, and is authorized to use any means necessary to bring Calvert Wycoff into custody.[6]
  • 2116
    • Nihonjin Emperor Kazuhito, a lifelong sufferer of Total Allergy Syndrome, falls ill when exposed to the trace amounts of cologne on one of the diplomats in an Australian delegation making a ceremonial visit.[7]


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