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  • 2003
    • WTOJ intercepts a broadcast from Alina Chan via an unknown source, to unspecified "Honored Queens": Chan was ordered by her father, the Golden Lion Emperor Chan Jianglu, to travel to the Queens' courts under flag of truce. She was to request aid against the unknown demon-hunters who have suddenly appeared in their midst, and to tell them of the siege they have lain on the court in Singapore, of the burning of the Lexicon Club and other worrisome developments. "I will not do so, for it is now too late. The Kuei-jin of Singapore have been sent to Yomi by these madmen, so I send only a warning that you could be next."[4]
    • Throughout North Africa, snakes begin to slither up through the sand, even through cement and tile flooring. There are reports of over 20 snake and poison-related deaths.[5]

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