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Real World Events

World of Darkness Events

  • 2019
    • Reclusive billionaire Howard Barclay, photographer Ed Miller, gallery owner Tom Shepard, actor Alan Vincent, and medium Meadow Walters die at a séance held at the Barclay Mansion.[1]

Trinity Universe Events

  • 2007
    • Skew leaves a voicemail to Jerome Grant, Editor-in-Chief of Novation. He asks what the hell is going on in T2M: The Noble Cause issue 71. His dialogue sucks, his hair's all wrong, and the art sucks.[2]
  • 2102
    • Dr. Matthieu Zweidler sends an OpMail to Pierce Monahan and Hans Beitz regarding his unexplained visions of diagnostic phenomena overlaying normal vision. After scans have been done, there's no evidence of mental instability and he's unaware of any undue stress, so he urges them to look for any related cases.[3]
  • 2119
    • A census performed in Switzerland yields a population of 8,090,125.[4]


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