Pronunciation: nohr'-sah
Proxy: Guiseppe Del Fuego
Aptitude: biokinesis

The Nova Fôrça de Nacionales (New National Force, also the "Norça") is one of eight Psi Orders to reveal themselves to the public of the Trinity era. As with the other psi orders, the Norça as we know it was founded in 2103 by one of the eight proxies — in this case, Guiseppe Del Fuego.

Members of the Norça are often referred to as biokinetics (after their Aptitude) or shifters (slang for biokinesis).

Headquartered in no particular city, South America is the Norça's home geographical area. The Order's Prometheus Chamber triggers latents to the biokinesis Aptitude.


Early Years Edit

Recent History Edit

The Future Edit

Organization Edit

The Norça's structure is patterned after the illegal drug trade, and is similar to other large extended South American families. They describe themselves as the equivalent of the Nihonjin Yakuza, the Italian Mafia and the Russian secret service.

Their operations include the following divisions:

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