The Norvegi are a Mekhet bloodline originating in Scandinavia. The Norvegi do not have fangs, meaning they cannot administer the Kiss, but their signature Discipline, Bloodworking, allows them to feed through small, needle-like protrustions in their fingertips. The Norvegi are looked down on by many other Kindred.

Rumor has it that the Norvegi are the remnants of a full clan, the Grettir, who dwindled due to diablerie, excessive use of the Vinculum and over-reliance on ghouls. This debasement of the blood is usually the excuse given for why the Norvegi lost their fangs. The Norvegi seem content with the niche they occupy in the All-Night Society, simultaneously reviled as barely Kindred and relied upon as assassins, thieves, and general doers of dirty deeds.

They have kept the true power of Bloodworking secret from the rest of the Kindred, for the most part, because it suits them to be regularly underestimated. They remain insular to a fault, and regularly ghoul and Embrace their mortal family members. Elder Norvegi generally opt to be diablerized rather than go into torpor.

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