Noriz was a Tzimisce vampire of the Old Country and renowned for his cruelty and hunger for power. He was Voivode among Voivodes, before the time of Vladimir Rustovich.


Noriz was Embraced in modern Moldavia and claimed these lands as his domain as Voivode.

Once, a very long time ago, Noriz, Damek (the eldest childe of the bogatyr Ruthven), and Valeska (the priestess of Veles), were considered first among equals. And, for a time, the Tzimisce clan prospered after the fall of Rome and beneath their leadership. Noriz was even once considered Voivode among Voivodes, but fell to decadence and dissipation, being content to subsist on the honor owed him as an elder prince of the blood and tales of his past glories—and discovered the hard way that past glories availed him little in the face of a new foe. 

His goal was ascendance to the most powerful creature of the Carpathians. To this end, he sired legions of childer, who were instructed to consume the souls of as many vampires as possible, and was known to begin wars against rivals by the slightest provocation and encouraged infighting among his brood in order to weed out the weak. Noriz's weakest childer became his tools; his strongest childer became his enemies, who improved his own martial skills. Forging them in the fires of political conflict, he prepared himself and his legion of blood bound childer to engage in the greatest of all struggles.

The main target of his ambition was Yorak, whom he sought to supplant and assume his place in the eternal struggle for power. Noriz' rivals thought him demented and dangerous, but could not deny the brilliance of Noriz' war strategies and the complexities of his intrigues and alliances.

During the Anarch Revolt, he was eventually killed by his childe, Koban.

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