A Nonpareil is a type of Treasure forged by the Kithain.

Overview Edit

Some Kithain craftsfae, usually Loricas, seek to re-create the forging of Anweyth, the first steel sword. This work, called a nonpareil, always involves the death of the changeling attempting it as it must be crafted from cold iron. All Loricas undertake this creation adventure but many die without results. Even the greatest Loricas do not have Dougal's heart or vision. While the House doesn't condone this practice, they all respect its sacrifice secretly. Many believe that CaliburnHigh King David's sword, is a nonpareil crafted by a nameless smith. Other's claim King Meilge's mask is also a nonpareil, possibly crafted by a member of Cranad's Legion hiding in the Kingdom of Willows. Whatever form a nonpareil takes, it is always an item of great beauty and awe-inspiring power.

References Edit

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