Nomads is a sourcebook for the Vampire: The Requiem game line. It is a guide for both playing Kindred that live outside major cities and Kindred traveling the wilderness.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

Something Wicked This Way Comes…
Vampires are loath to risk their unlives by relocating to new cities. Blood is in scarce supply, werewolves haunt the wilds, and newcomers may break rules upon arrival that they never knew existed. Still, some vampires put the entire Requiem on the line for a taste of the freedom that the road offers - while others do it to escape their past.
So Let's Get the Hell Out of Here
A guide to survival outside protected cities, Nomads offers vampires a chance to leave their old domains behind and begin a new Requiem, or to simply go abroad and return home to the evils they know all too well. Begin a new chronicle or take an old one on the road, abandoning characters' greatest achievements and most deadly failures.

Prologue: Rock and a Hard Place Edit

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Chapter One: The Call of the Road Edit

Chapter One shows how different covenants and clans adapt to this nomadic existence. Some hold onto their beliefs more strongly when they’re away from their own kind, while others have evolved new courts and cults that can exist only away from their brethren. In hidden places throughout the world, the nomads have evolved new societies away from the watchful eyes of the cities.[1]

Chapter Two: Those Who Wander Edit

Chapter Two examines the many reasons why Kindred forsake the cities of men and the accepted social order, as well as the results of such choices. Players can use these ideas to create nomadic characters; Storytellers can adapt them into dozens of interludes and encounters.[1]

Chapter Three: Surviving in the Wild Edit

Chapter Three is a guide for nomads and travelers alike, offering plenty of advice on how to endure the perils of nomadic existence. The chapter also lists new rituals and Devotions created by wandering Kindred.[1]

Chapter Four: Notable Nomads Edit

Chapter Four provides a dozen nomadic vampires you can use in any “road chronicle,” either as protagonists or antagonists.[1]

Appendix: Route 666 Edit

The appendix provides more ideas that Storytellers can use when a coterie travels from one city to another. As a practical demonstration, they’re put to use in a brief adventure called Route 666. Set along the roads between New Orleans and Chicago, it can be used as a chapter in a story set in either city, but its ideas and examples can be adapted to other locales as well.[1]

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