Nokhomi also called the Bitter-Grins are the fallen Nuwisha


Want to see the conclusion of the greatest prank of all. Long ago, the Wyrm looked at the balance between the Triat and saw that its siblings took that balance for granted. With a bitter grin, the Wyrm designed a prank to teach its siblings the value of what they had. The Wyrm spoke to the Weaver and teased her that the Wyld had greater dominion over Gaia. Though this was untrue and the three forces were balanced, the Weaver listened to the Wyrm and grew jealous of her sibling. Everywhere the Weaver placed order the Wyld crept through, desecrating the fixed structures with teeming life and chaos. What the Weaver did not see was the Wyrm conspiring with the Wyld to subvert the order and break its cohesion. The Wyrm nipped at the structures to make cracks through which the Wyld energies couldn’t help but spring through. Enraged by what she perceived as inequality, the Weaver desperately covered dynamic Wyld with static forms, with little success. The Wyld kept breaking through. The Weaver lamented to the Wyrm and the Wyrm grinned and enacted the second part of his plan. He empathized with the Weaver but conceded he had to obey his nature and weaken the order she imposed on the world. The Weaver snapped and enacted her plan to ensnare the Wyrm in her webs and defeat the Wyld. Her anguish blinded her to seeing that this was the Wyrm’s plan all along. Trapped within the Weaver’s webs, the Wyrm was able to alter its nature — something it could not achieve while the Trait was balanced. It whispered to itself in the darkness and changed, gaining dominion over corruption and decay. With this newfound influence the Wyrm degraded the Weaver’s bonds. Free of its bonds, and able to affect the demeanor of a force gone mad, the Wyrm threw itself into the role, corrupting and perverting everything that it had once balanced. This is what the Nokhomi know — the Wyrm cannot be defeated because the Wyrm is not really fighting. It is playing a prank on everyone and everything and any action besides complete surrender is pointless. The Weaver is too stubborn and staid in its ways to learn from the prank, and the Wyld is too capricious and fickle to comprehend the lesson offered to it. The fallen Nuwisha understand the joke better than anyone else, even old Coyote himself. They know that the Wyrm fell victim to its own prank, and that is the funniest joke of all. It did once want to teach its siblings, but its new nature as corruptor twisted its vision. Now the Wyrm drags everything to oblivion because it can’t stop the decay any more than the Weaver can loosen up or the Wyld can settle down.


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