The Noctuku are a bloodline of the Nosferatu clan of vampires. They are a bloodline of cannibals that hunt other vampires and feed on their undead flesh.

While they have few contacts with Kindred Society, some find shelter among the Covenants, especially the Circle of the Crone.


The Nosferatu claim that the Noctuku predate the Covenants, stretching back to the days of the Camarilla, and that they may not be a bloodline at all; Kindred have been observed to develop a taste for the flesh of their prey after events like Diablerie. The fear that they too could turn into Noctuku haunts the Nosferatu who know of these tales.

The modern Noctuku have few real organizations, existing on the fringes of the Danse Macabre. Some clutches in Scandinavia have gathered around a figure referred to as the Majikan, who gives them guidelines and rules, while in Russia, local princes use them as a kind of border patrol, allowing them to feed from any intruders into their domains, as well as exiles and criminals.

The Noctuku view themselves as the apex predator - the elite among a killing race, capable of hunting and destroying hapless mortals and experienced vampires alike. In fact, the more powerful their Kindred opponent, the more likely that Noctuku will engage in the hunt with enthusiasm, savoring the challenge of the kill. Some encroach upon established vampire domains, knowing full well that doing so will draw conflict from their own kind. They chew a hole through reputable Kindred Courts, clashing with the agents of Princes with gleeful abandon.


Although no Noctuku can actually "eat" the flesh of those he hunts, it is the act of consumption alone that provides for them. If a vampire abides from feeding on raw flesh for at least a week, he is -1 on all Mental and Social dice rolls and requires an additional success on hunger frenzies. For each week that passes thereafter without satisfying this hunger, these penalties increase by 1. If he falls to hunger frenzy while suffering this effect, he will attack and consume the flesh of the nearest victim, preferring Kindred to mortal flesh and human flesh to that of animals.

Trivia Edit

The Noctuku may be a translation of--and homage to--a similar group of nosferatu, called the Nictuku, from Vampire: The Masquerade.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Nosferatu clan

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