Nocker Astronomical and Mining Charts are a Level 1 or 2 Treasure.

Overview Edit

While Nockers are obviously not the great explorers that the Eshu are, they have ranged far in their flying machines and have mined deep into the Earth and Dreaming. They charted many sun, moon, and tunnel trods before the Shattering and still retain many of these maps. Many astronomical trods, though, changed shape and course when Copernicus pronounced the Earth was not the center of the universe. This transformation continued throughout the Interregnum and some nocker maps are now useless.

Possession of this treasure means that the character has several charts. They are partially accurate but even the best of them is not completely reliable and none are complete. A nocker has maps of the Near Dreaming for one Background point or maps of both the Near and Far Umbra for two. (There are few known maps of the Deep Dreaming and most of these are outdated or flatly inaccurate.) Having this treasure means having either astronomical or mining charts.

References Edit

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