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Nocker Airship is a catch-all term for several different flying machine treasures of the Nockers.


Nockers built the first flying machines centuries before the Montgolfier brothers flew the first balloon in 1783. These contraptions usually take one of two forms: balloons or ornithopters. The nockers use these crafts to explore the sun and moon trods that snake through the Near Dreaming, though some have gone farther afield.

Of course, airships aren't the only vehicles the Nockers make and the rules and traits for the creation of others, such as ocean-going vessels, are similar to those of the airships.

Almost all nocker chimerical vehicles require Glamour in order to function.


  • Nocker41.png
    Stall: The minimum speed at which an airship can travel without crashing. A Stall of 0 mph means the ship can hover without crashing. Neither Balloons for Ornithopters need much in the way of a runway.
  • Cruise: The ship's standard cruising speed.
  • Maximum: The ship's maximum speed.
  • Range: The distance in miles that the ship can travel at cruising speed on a single point of Glamour. Reduce that distance by half if traveling at maximum speed unless the vehicle is wind propelled. If the ship is airborne and their is no Glamour available to invest in it, it heads immediately for land. This may be a violent happening, depending on the type of ship and any vehicle that runs on its own power "runs out of gas" when the Glamour runs out and crashes unless the pilot make a successful Pilot roll.
  • Maneuver: The ships aerial maneuverability on a scale of 1-10 (difficulty to perform maneuvers with a Pilot roll)
  • Passengers: The maximum number of occupants the ship can carry. It is assumed these are averaged human-sized individuals. A ship that carries three could carry a Sidhe, a Troll, and a Boggan or childling but not three full-grown trolls.
  • Armor: Points of armor, if applicable.
  • Health Levels: The amount of damage the ship can take before becoming inoperable. Penalties listed modify rolls to perform maneuverability after taking damage.