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Nobles: The Shining Host is a supplement for Changeling: The Dreaming that discusses the sidhe and playing noble characters.


The Shining Host

From time immemorial the noble sidhe have ruled the fae. Learn their secrets of power: how and why they maintain their chokehold over the commoners. This book covers the history of the nobility, from their return in '69 and the Accordance War which followed, through current poiltics and events among the sidhe.

The Weighty Crown

Though many envy their splendid halls and delicate Finery, the sidhe pay a high price for their magnificience. They are ill equipped to deal with the ravages of Banality, but are still subject to Bedlam. Here can be the learned the secrets of those sidhe who have succeeded in balancing the dichotomy that threatens to tear them apart.

Nobles: The Shining Host Features:

  • Detailed information on playing noble characters in a Changeling chronicle.
  • A new, previously unknown noble house.
  • New noble Arts, useable only by noble characters



Chapter One: History of the Uasal Sidhe

Chapter Two: Rank and Privilege

Chapter Three: Politics

Chapter Four: Worldview

Chapter Five: Those Who Rule

Chapter Six: Storytelling

Chapter Seven: The Nobility of Concordia


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