Nix is an Unseelie Sluagh Grump.

Overview Edit

Nix got his nickname back in the early '70s, primarily through his claims that he's been the information source behind the notorious "Deep Throat" in the Watergate scandal. Since then, he's also claimed to have helped uncover the Iran-Contra affair, the CIA's involvement in running drugs, the Aldrich Ames affair, and just about every other high-security mess the United States of America has gotten into in the past 25 years. Even in his own mind, however, Nix isn't an altruist; he claims he's doing his best to bring down the system by exposing all its dirty secrets.

Now a rather withered grump with a long ponytail, Nix makes claims that are clearly unbelievable but enough odd things keep happening around him to make other fae wonder. Why does he have a pad of FBI stationary on his desk? Where did that government-issue silencer come from? How does he seemingly stay one step ahead of even other underfolk when it comes to Washington gossip? No one knows, but quite a few people are interested in finding those answers.

Nix is known to hang out rather frequently with Nosferatu vampires, swapping both information and lies about life inside the Beltway. According to Nix, he supplies the information and the vampires provide the lies, but it is Nix telling the story.

References Edit

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