Nissiku, also known under multiple other names - this one meaning The Clever Prince - is one of the first childer of Malkav.


He came into the family; he was one of the first. When he drank from Malkav and was reborn... perhaps he drank too deeply. His Sight reached beyond reality, and his too-clever fingers were able to follow. I hear tales of the Clever Prince reaching through the skin of the worldand drawing forth the cold, sharp-edged things that lie beyond the soft, loving mirage.
  —  Unknown elder vampire speaking through the Madness Network (or perhaps the Network itself), to a young Malkavian named Daniel

According to Clan legends, Nissiku originated in Uruk, as a part of the Igigi people. Renowned for his cleverness and humor, he held court with figures like Enkidu, Ninurta and Erra.

There are only a few things known about him during lifetime. In most stories, he was a charlatan who feigned oracular sight, a nobleman who played at fits of insanity or a madman gifted with charm. When he drank his sire's vitae, he was able to see past this world and pluck the cold, sharp-edged things that lied beyond. Whether this caused Malkav to abandon him or a myriad of other reasons, none can say for certain, all they know is he departed shortly after his rebirth.

In the Modern Nights, no real evidence of his survival remains, but many Malkavians are certain that he has survived, given his continued presence in the Malkavian Madness Network. Stories about an engimatic figure known as Malk Content are associated with him, a trickster figure that wears the symbol of a broken mirror in each of its appearences. Malk Content is credited with warping reality through his mere presence, earning the emnity of the Black Hand and the Justicars. Rumors tell that he made alliances with Lupines und baleful spirits and stole tomes of the Tremere for an unknown purpose. They say that he is out there somewhere, stalking his next target, ready to seize the Lie and rend it apart and release the strain on the boundaries of reality.


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