A creature of Uruk-of-the-City-Squares, he knew Enkidu the Wlid and held court with Ninurta the warlike and Erra the pestilent. A man of great cleverness and humor, he held prominence among the Igigi. Nissiku was his name, which meant "The Clever Prince."

Whether the name was chosen for him or it chose him, it fit him none the less. He was born a trickster, or so he would tell you. His origins are muddled, as all things are from such an age, but there are three consistent stories for him. He was a charlatan who feigned oracular sight, a nobleman who played at fits of insanity or perhaps he was a madman gifted with charm. The stories are vague in their tellings, but there is too much truth in them to be ignored.

He was one of Malkav's first childer; when he drank of Malkav's blood, perhaps he did so too deeply, as his Sight reached beyond reality and his too clever fingers were able to follow. He was able to reach through the skin of the world and pluck the cold, sharp-edged things that lied beyond. Whether this caused Malkav to abandon him or a myriad of other reasons, none can say for certain, all they know is he departed shortly after his rebirth.

A thousand names and a thousand faces coalesce around Nissiku; Iktomi, Malk Content, Devil Hanse, The Babylonian, Fool-Eater, Old Man Hate.... they all catch at his memory. And though there is no proof, many feel that he has survived to the modern nights as they can feel his moth-winged laughter brushing at the back of their minds. He is out there somewhere, stalking his next target, ready to seize the Lie and rend it apart and release the strain on the boundaries of reality. He has work to be done.

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