Nine Sacred Passions is a book written by the mage Tali Eos to underline the common themes among members of the myriad of highly diverse factions within the Cult of Ecstasy. Each Passion has two aspects, a constructive and a destructive. Both are important for the person's overall well-being, but have to disciplined by the Ecstatic in order to harness their full potential. Each Passion also corresponded originally to a Sphere, while the Tenth Sphere is the pulse of Lakashim itself. In the Final Nights, however, this system has fallen out of use.

The Nine Passions of the title are:

  • Joy/Wonder, aligned with Prime
  • Love, aligned with Mind
  • Empathy/Sympathy, aligned with Correspondence
  • Lust/Ambition, aligned with Life
  • Grief/Sadness, aligned with Time
  • Fear, aligned with Entropy
  • Jealousy/Envy, aligned with Spirit
  • Hate, aligned with Matter
  • Rage, aligned with Forces

The Cult of Ecstasy argues over the inclusion of new passions, but most recognize the nine as the core emotions from which more sophisticated forms spawn.

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