Nikki Moore is an Ojo Eshu Wilder and a starving artist.

Overview Edit

Nikki Moore
Nikki has always had a gift for painting and drawing. Despite her talent, though, she has had no success selling her work and so she labors away in her small apartment, waiting for fame to strike. She first met Cracker at a punk club where she had gone with her friend Bonnie to blow off some steam. Though he was rude and not much to look at, his fire and magnetism drew Nikki to him. Under his influence she has indulged her eshu nature more freely.

Image Edit

Nikki has an olive complexion and luxurious, long black hair kept in a ponytail. She usually dresses in black: tights, turtleneck, and boots. When she breaks out of the monochrome look she does so with an oversized sweater of a different dark color. Her penetrating gaze can be unsettling, as though she's condensing whomever she's looking at into something for her art.

References Edit

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