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Niki Yemana, "The Discoid Diva," is a member of the Sons of Ether Tradition.


Niki grew up in Hawaii, part of a large family of accomplished pearl-divers and underwater salvage operators. When she was twelve, a relative retrieved a strange disc-shaped object from the ocean floor and, uncertain what else to do with it, turned it into a birdbath. Niki became entranced by the disc, and began dreaming of a lost civilization in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Eventually, she discovered the ability to make the disc levitate with her mind, and soon learned to ride atop it through the air. She was recruited by the Sons of Ether, but has shown no progress in figuring out how the disc actually works.

Niki is a conservationist at heart, and something of a loose canon. When she was eighteen, she joined a group of radical conservationists in teleporting a massive oil spill onto the homes of the oil company's executives, and the Paradox backlash nearly killed her. The experience only tempered her recklessness somewhat, as she still enjoys being in the middle of the action, whatever that action may be.

In the future she may be romantically entangled with Yves Mercure.