Rage card depicting Nightmaster

Nightmaster is an insane Shadow Lord who lives in the Abyss.


Of the few that dare to call the dreaded Abyss a home, none is as infamous and terrifying as the Shadow Lord known as Nightmaster. Once a great hero to the Garou and a member of the Society of Nidhogg, he traveled into the Abyss long ago with his pack. Seeking out the realm's secrets, his pack went mad with the nature of this realm and he was forced to put them down, one by one, till he was the only one standing in the lightless void.

There, he made a pact with the Abyss itself, either becoming its slave or its master. In doing so, he sacrifice his soul to the dark, and destroyed everything in his being that was weak or natural. He now walks the Abyss with impunity, freeing those creatures suited to his whims and subduing them into his service. He is a fitting ruler for this gloomy realm.


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