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A Nightmare Realm is a place where nightmares dwell in the Dreaming. These places, pushed by the Firchlis, can overrun the Dream Realms. Here, the threats are more serious than in many other parts of the Dreaming.


The Firchlis can do more than move a trod. From time to time, the it can completely alter the shape of the Dreaming in a matter of seconds. While these events often mean nothing more than a mere change of scenery from field to first, it can also mean a shift from Dream to Nightmare.

Nightmare Realms differ from Dream Realms only in that the former are not hospitable to most changelings. Where weather is fair, it grows instantly foul. Dark clouds obscure sunlight or moonlight, and powerful winds howl across landscapes often barren and hostile. The sluagh and the redcaps know these places best, and they are well equipped to deal with the horrid chimera often encountered here. Both kith were born in regions of Arcadia very similar to such places, spawned from the fear of night's darkness and creatures that kill without remorse. In the Nightmare Realms, there are no unicorns or pixies. There is no love here, for the Nightmare Realms are bred of fear, hatred, and violence, much as the Dreaming is born of love, hope, and happiness. There is little danger to Kithain who stay on the trods in these areas, however. Even in these blasted, hoary pits, there is safety on the Silver Path. Thallain do lurk in these places, seeking to trick unwary Kithain from the safety of the path. Fortunately, the Thallain, by their very nature, are forbidden to use the trods; much like chimera, they must resort to trickery and foul tactics for a chance to do battle with the Kithain.

As with all such phenomena, there are rumors of powerful Thallain who can move the Nightmare Realms at will. If such creatures exist, they must be extremely rare, for the freeholds still stand in most areas, and only a few have ever suffered from extended battles with the minions of Nightmare.


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