The Night of the Embers is a melancholy Boggan holiday.

Overview Edit

In the Mythic Age, as the conflict between the Tuatha de Danaan and the Fomorians grew all-encompassing, boggans still did what they could to reach out to mortals. They fostered growing communities while regretfully abandoning those who clung to their place as servants of the Fomorians. It was a time of hard decisions and bittersweet partings, one the boggans still recall somberly on a winter holiday known as the Night of the Embers. It begins with conventional revelry around a fire, but as the night goes on, they allow the fire to die down, and the stories turn wistful and melancholy by turns. Old loves, old homes, and old labors are dutifully recalled and saluted, until the last embers die and the party ends.

References Edit

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