The Night of Iron Knives, commonly known as the Beltaine Massacre, marked the beginning of the Accordance War in North America.


Night of Iron Knives.png

Short times after the Sidhe had returned from Arcadia, they demanded rulership over the freeholds of the commoners. Most Commoners refused, reminding the Sidhe that they had left them behind to save their own hides during the Shattering. Most Sidhe were not amused and after a long struggle, a central meeting of all Commoner rulers was called in to discuss the problem peacefully in May 1, 1970. But when the Commoner speakers arrived, they found themselves locked away and faced with iron weapons and fae magics. The massacre outraged the Commoners- and even some of the Noble Houses- and led to open warfare between both parties. Even now, the Night of Iron Knives brings up a bitter taste in the mouths of most Commoner Changelings.


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