The Night of Fana was the event in 514 BCE that lead to the creation of the Ahl-i-Batin.

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The Himalayan Wars between the Akashic Brotherhood and the death cults who would eventually form the Euthanatos had already been raging for several lifetimes when a company of Akashics battled a group of Handura in Afghanistan. The outnumbered Akashics fell back and found refuge among the Darwushim, an ecstatic cult who were themselves fleeing from a branch of the Celestial Chorus.

As a group of the Darwushim began one of their spinning ritual dances, the Akashics began to practice their Do; slowly, the two sets of movements became one. At the peak of the dance, one of the Darwushim and one of the Akashics physically merged into a single entity, the Khwaja al-Akbar, which revealed to those present the Doctrine of Unity.

After this moment of ecstatic communion passed, the mages--their former allegiances wiped away--fled before their enemies. The following day, the Handura and the Choristers fought one another in confusion, while the newborn Ahl-i-Batin began to quietly pursue Unity.

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