Night Stalkers is a sourcebook for Hunter: The Vigil. This book focuses on hunters who pursue the creatures tied to vampires.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

We share similar shadows. But that doesn’t mean we’re the same. They still have to die.
A second time.
A final time.
They die by the flame. That way, both of us see the light, if only for a moment.
This book for Hunter: The Vigil includes:
  • An intense look into how the timeless Vigil and the immortal vampires come together in an eternal struggle.
  • A look into how each compact and conspiracy deals with the callous depredations of vampire society. Also details new compacts and conspiracies (including the hunters of the Cainite Heresy).
  • For vampire-hunters, a gaggle of new Tactics, Merits and Endowments (including the Cainite Heresy’s Rites of Denial). For Storytellers, a “build-your-own” vampire section featuring new options to apply old folklore.
  • Philadelphia by Night: the City of Brotherly Love is besieged by the eternal struggle of vampire versus vampire, hunter versus hunter, and everybody versus everybody.

Frank's Story Edit

Short story.

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Chapter One: Night CountryEdit

Mr. Thélème's Story Edit

Short story.

Chapter Two: At Stake Edit

Frank's Story, Part Two Edit

Short story.

Chapter Three: Drawing Blood Edit

New Tactics, Merits, equipment, Endowments, and the powers of the werewolf and spirit unveiled.

Bianca's Story Edit

Short story.

Chapter Four: The Nocturnal Edit

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Cell, Compact, Conspiracy, Endowment, Hunter (CofD)

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