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Night Horrors: Shunned by the Moon is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Forsaken. The book expands the mechanics and lore behind the Pure and other enemies of the Uratha, as well as introducing a new type of antagonist in the form of the Geryo.


You’ve got it into your head that there can’t be much worse than you. You’re a monster, a feral animal, barely controlled and just snapping at unfortunate bastards who cross your path.

Well, newsflash, buster: there’s far worse out there than your hairy hide.

We are mutation. We are forced devolution. We are throwbacks and beings so ancient you wish mommy Luna had kept a lid on us. You’ve got teeth and claws. We use disease as a weapon, tear open the Gauntlet for fun, get into the minds and bodies of your precious families.

You talk a good game. You claim to be “Forsaken.” Oh, poor you.

You don’t know what it is to be unwanted, shunned, truly treated as abominations.

But don’t worry, cousin. We’ll show you.

Shunned by the Moon includes:

  • Thorough examinations of the culture, practices, and abilities of the Pure, the Bale Hounds, and other depraved werewolves.
  • Threats from the world of spirits, including void spirits, spirit-ridden, and new Hosts such as the Children of Termite, the Wasp Hosts, and the Toad Hosts, among many more.
  • Human antagonist groups fit to take on any pack of werewolves or direct their attentions against other supernatural foes.
  • New, terrifying Idigam and Father Wolf’s first attempt at predators, the Geryo.
  • An accessible how-to guide on running your first chronicles of Werewolf, including how to incorporate many of the creatures introduced in this book


Crimson Path

Chilling fiction to prepare you for a book including the Geryo, the Pure, the Bale Hounds, and more.


Gives a brief summary on the book’s contents.

Chapter One: Kinslayers

The scions of Father Wolf are no homogeneous family, dedicated to a singular cause or existing in peace with each other. This chapter details the Pure, including their Gifts, rites, trials, and a host of nasty personalities; the Bale Hounds, with their mixed origins, agendas, and reasons for hatred; and Ghost Wolves, who claim independence and freedom, but through selfish arrogance ignore their callings and act the part of mercenaries in the long war between Forsaken and Pure.

  • Bale Hounds
    • Hounds of Consumption, Followers of Lakh'ma
    • Hounds of Destruction, Followers of Igsh'ma
    • Hounds of Disharmony, Followers of Shad'ma
    • Hounds of Exposure, Followers of Bhal'ma
    • Hounds of Invasion, Followers of Ghar'ma
      • Powers of the Asah Gadar
        • The Tarnished
        • The Corrupted
        • The Defiled
    • Bale Hound Rites

Chapter Two: Shadow Dwellers

Often underestimated as simple entities, able to be manipulated and overpowered with enough guile or raw force, these spirits and spirit-ridden posse a fresh new threat to Uratha. Granny Stitch works to weave her perfect family of bodies, Jeremiah Fury acts as ridden for a spirit of storms and anger, and Nimmursagu spreads plague wherever he treads, while spirits of the Void Beyond ready themselves to consume all light and life. Even more of these Shadow dwellers exist in this chapter, waiting to become supporting characters or end-of-chronicle antagonists in your stories.

  • The Wounded Shadow
    • Healing
      • Heal Old Wounds (Pack Rite ****)
    • Wounded Spirits
  • The Empty Maw: Spirits of the Void Beyond
    • Void Leviathan
    • Light Eater, Spirit of the Void
    • Urinsahi, Blood of Mars
    • The Skybreaker, Void Leviathan

Chapter Three: Fractured Shards

We take Hosts to a new level of disturbing body and existential horror, as this chapter introduces shards in the forms of toads, lampreys, locusts, termites, and wasps, each with their own ambitions and their own methods. While Azlu and Beshilu still dominate the chaotic society of Hosts, these newcomers eat away at the fringes of reality and will take what they want - whether flesh, favors, or even Infrastructure - from the world we know.

Chapter Four: The Herd

Humans are supposed to be the prey or herd, at least according to most Forsaken. Yet here, the elusive RD-13 snatch, examine, and murder werewolves, the Church of the Wolf acts as a depraved cult in twisted worship of the Uratha, and Shadow occultists warp and manipulate beings of the spirit realm to their own ends.

  • Doors Best Left Closed: RD-13
  • Lupus et Fidelis: The Church of the Wolf
    • New Merits
    • New Rites
      • Lupus Venandi (****)
  • Sacrifice for Power: Shadow Occultists

Chapter Five: Nightmares

In which we examine some of the more eldritch, ancient, and frightening foes the Uratha must oppose: the idigam and Geryo. The former are expanded from their introductions in Werewolf: The Forsaken while the latter are introduced to Werewolf as a full antagonist, being Father Wolf's first attempt at creating an apex predator. These creatures of nightmare and disease exemplify the old myths of shapeshifters, being monsters of primal chaos and rampant infection.

Chapter Six: Commencing Your Hunt

If you've ever struggled to assemble a group for Werewolf or aren't sure how to convey the game's key elements in an enthralling, exciting way, this chapter is for you.

  • Climate Type Chart
  • Natural Geographic Feature Chart
  • Urban Design Feature Chart
  • Region Type Chart
  • Resonances Lexicon
  • Hunting Style: Auspice Chart
  • Hunting Style: Tribal Chart
  • Hunting Style Lexicon

Appendix One: Conditions

Conditions introduced is this book are all compiled here for ease of reference.

Appendix Two: Pure Character Creation guide

A quick reference updating how to make Pure characters with rules from within this book.

Background Information


Stephen Coburn - Human

The Pure

  • Cyrus Silver-Scarred, the King-Maker
  • Garima Khatri, the Party Animal
  • Tejumola Tide-Breaker, the Visionary of Flesh
  • Mimi Moon-Shunned, Luna's Bane

Bale Hounds

  • Aishah G’idhum-ghul, Bale Hound infiltrator
  • Nakku, the Lying Tongue
  • Gregory Whistler, the Lobby
  • Zud'nalu, the Monster from the Wild

Spirits and Claimed

  • Granny Stitch
  • White Agora, the Angel of Empty Spaces
  • Nimmursagu, the Plague-Shuck
  • Linggan Zhao, the Usurper
  • Geyn-Ur, the Wolf That Was
  • Rebecca Cormac, the Broken Mirror
  • Alison Rhea, the Tinker
  • Jeremiah Fury, the Storm Prophet
  • Saul McKay, the Sun Raiser
  • Walter Fitzgerald and Surabel
  • Alex Cecil, the Fear of Rejection


  • Horace Albuquerque Fenchurch III, the Houndmaster of the Toad Hosts
  • The Merovech of the Lamprey Hosts
  • Ehlzahdha, the Architect
  • The King of Honey
  • Ranger Lovegrove, the Vanguard of the Termite Hosts
  • Erika Stanich, the Skyscraping Attorney


  • Anaba'hi, the Infiltrator
  • Deban Dun, the False Idol
  • Kaninhah A'ku, the Constant Formless
  • Guara-Neghinra, Death in the Gauntlet


  • Orocheiros, the Dragon at the Root
  • Zahakeryon, the Keeper of Nightmares
  • Quattuor, the Reaper of Secrets
  • Legion, the Many-Faced Conspirator
  • Ianuspater, the Two-Faced Prophet
  • Aurora Reed, the Prima Donna
  • Thrice-Changed Trinity, the Skinner Queen


Pure Tribes, Bale Hounds, Wound, Maeljin: (Lakh'ma, Igsh'ma, Shad'ma, Bhal'ma, Ghar'ma), Spirit-Ridden, Spirit-Urged, Spirit-Claimed, Maeltinet, Geryo, Ghost Wolves, Idigam, Spirits of the Void, RD-13, The Church of the Wolf, mimics, Zi'ir, First Tongue: Hisil, Anshega, Urdaga, Uratha, Urfarah, Azlu, Beshilu, Asah Gadar, Gab Aldh'Nunglu, Nu-ghima Zigh'esh, Sehe Nu Lu'u Thim, Izidakh, Tzuumfin, Ninna Farrakh, nusuzul, Siskur-Dah, Viruhk-Ur, Kuruth, Aishah G’idhum-ghul, Nakku, Zud'nalu, Thihirtha Numea, Ilusahim, muthra, magath, Nimmursagu, Ensohim, Dihim, Geyn-Ur, Basu-Im, gasuhathim, mulhithim, ilthum, Urinsahi, umia, Surabel, shartha, Srizaku, Thihoshlu (Toad Hosts), Ukusgualu (Lamprey Hosts), Ehlzahdha (Azlu, The Dreaming Architect), Zurdilu (Termite Hosts), Hidaglu (Wasp Hosts), nu bath githul, Anaba'hi, Deban Dun,Kaninhah A'ku, Guara-Neghinra, Urighur (Geryo), Zahakeryon, Eshana (Legion)


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