Niccolo Giovanni was a ghouled monk who, in 1197 CE, uncovered the Erciyes Fragments in Cappadocia.


Niccolo was a trained scholar familiar with a number of ancient language, and was apparently given the Proxy Kiss by his "uncle" Augustus Giovanni some time prior to his expedition. He made his way to the Monastery of Shadows at Erciyes, with the aid of an unknown supernatural agent. In the monastery's library he was similarly led to a hidden alcove, where he discovered a book bound in human skin containing the most complete copy of the Book of Nod he had ever encountered. Over a period of several nights, Niccolo copied out this and several subsequent texts left in the hidden alcove, along with the commentary left by previous scholars.

Eventually the alcove became sealed, which Niccolo took as a sign that his permission to access these texts had run out. He compiled his copies, along with his journals and a private letter to Augustus Giovanni, which ends with an ink-blot. The texts were delivered to his family back in Italy, but Niccolo never returned, and his ultimate fate is unknown.

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