An enigmatic figure, Nhudri (possibly a corruption of Nhudriel, or at least named after him) was an ancient wraith rescued from the Labyrinth by Charon sometime around the 3rd century BCE. Nhudri brought with him the secrets of soulforging, the skill to convert wraithly plasm into useful items.

Nhudri's existence is an enigma. While soulforging is a horrific discipline, there is no evidence that Nhudri is himself shadow-eaten. Nhudri instituted rituals in the Artificer's Guild that made the apprentice Artificers appreciate the horror of what they were doing, and showed regret for his career during the Sixth Great Maelstrom.

Nhudri was nominally the head of the Artificer's guild, although he generally ignored those duties, which were taken up by his seconds Ferrum, Smoke and Makabah. Following the Breaking of the Guilds, the leadership of the Guild fell to Lord Ember. While Nhudri generally eschewed public appearances or even the hint of leadership, the Guild had a well-established heretic cult dedicated to worshipping him.

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