The Nhang are a lost clan of reptilian, water-dwelling Kindred. They often collude with the Strix against other vampires, in revenge for the theft of their ancient birthright.


Before they stepped on land, the Nhang believe they were very different from the Kindred. Once, they say, they were shapeshifting beasts of the depths who fed on the life force of other sea creatures, but they desired to leave their watery domain. One night, a figure they call the First Thief (one of the Ventrue, and possibly a member of the Vardyvle bloodline), heard their wish to leave the waters, and brought them human meat so they could take on mortal forms. But this transformation left them in a weakened state, and the thief diablerized these Nhang, stealing their ability to take different forms.

Weak and desperate, the remaining Nhang made a bargain with the Strix to become true vampires, and tonight serve the Birds of Dis as willing vessels, or as lackeys and procurers of Kindred bodies.

Clan Bane

Water Serpents are wracked with the Curse of the Depths; those who spend time on dry land must always have enough Vitae in their systems, or else their skin dries out and becomes brittle, leaving them more vulnerable to harm.


The Embrace changes Water Serpents into inhuman reptilians. To preserve their Masquerade, they use a special Devotion to steal their victims' forms. By draining a mortal and devouring his body, the vampire can shapeshift into his appearance, though not indefinitely. The form ages about a decade a week, and eventually leaves the vampire looking like a corpse unless she discards her disguise or finds another victim.


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