New Wave Requiem is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Requiem. It is a historical sourcebook, focusing on the 1980s.

Summary Edit

From the Onyx Path catalog:

Do you remember the 80s? Not that bubble-gum garbage you see on those so-called “music networks,” but the real 80s? World War III was always on the horizon while sex, drugs and money flowed like a river of blood right to us. Vampires were everywhere. The Masquerade was at its thinnest point, but we didn’t care because the world was ours. We kept playing our games, doing our dance, but everyone was afraid that one AIDS-ridden blood doll with a grudge or one neonate with a personal computer and a private investor would decide someday to pull the trigger and make the world burn.
Those were good times.'
— Robyn Sloane, Circle of the Crone
This full-color PDF includes:
* A brief historical look at America in the 1980s, from a Kindred perspective.
* Player and Storyteller advice on chronicles set in this time period.
* A Storytelling Adventure System story set in 1983 Chicago, complete with a pre-generated coterie.
* A customized blank character sheet, and a black and white version of the full PDF for ease of printing.

Nightlife of the Living Dead Edit

Fiction to set the tone for the book.

Introduction Edit

This section of the book provides an overview of the topic, the atmosphere and the chapters following. It also mentions music, movies and a video game that inspired the book.

Decade of Excess Edit

This chapter describes the 80s, including some cities that changed a lot during that time. It also describes the problem of AIDS, which is of course relevant for creatures that feed on blood.

The Nights of Modern Kindred Edit

This chapter describes the 80s from a Kindred's point of view. It describes the atmosphere and its influence on vampires and the masquerade.

Lean and Hungry Types Edit

This chapter describes the 80s from the point of view of the clans. It also discusses disciplines that originated in that time.

Telling Stories of Sin Edit

This chapter is directed towards the storyteller.

A Good Man Bad Edit

This is an example for a session. It describes Chicago during the 80s and the Kindred society there.

Appendix Edit

This includes characters that are suitable as PCs or NPCs. Many of them were already mentioned in the prologue or in chapter five.

Background Information Edit

The book received a lot of praise, especially for the artwork. It is also said to be more like Vampire: The Masquerade than Requiem.

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