A New Stygian was a wraith of the Hierarchy that supported the Smiling Lord and his Grim Legion during the Great War. They believed that the Smiling Lord's take-charge and no-nonsense style was what Stygia needed to continue surviving, especially as the previous Emperor, Charon, had locked himself away in his Onyx Tower and seemed to care nothing for the affairs of the dead.

Officially, most of the Deathlords supported the Smiling Lord, but in many cases they were afraid of the power he wielded, especially after the events of the Night of Short Chains. The notable exceptions were the Skeletal Lord, who held Siklos and spoke for Charon, the Ashen Lady, a long time rival of the Smiling Lord, and the former Laughing Lady, who was replaced as leader of the Penitent Legion by a supporter of the Smiling Lord.