The New Horizon Council was founded by remnants of political active members of the Traditions after the destruction of Horizon and the beginning of the Avatar Storm.


After the loss of multiple masters and archmages behind the Avatar Storm, as well as developments like the Second Massasa War, things seemed pretty grim for the Traditions. Some mages, however, worked to continue the information networks between the Traditions without sacrificing personal projects. In 2001, several cabals managed to work together to trap and defeat the notorious Nephandus Jodi Blake in Los Angeles. The attending mages regathered into a new Council of Nine, much looser organized and more in action than the old one. While arguments were made to construct a new Chantry to encompass all Traditions, the New Horizon Council initially cleaved close to Los Angeles, where the Consensus had been weakened due to numerous "Angel sightings" after a devastating earthquake in 2003.

The New Horizon Council had no ties with the Rogue Council who instead urged mages to make again war against the Technocracy in the name of Ascension. Most opposed the Sphinx and its Emissaries, who countered their New Council with their own Council. Open conflict, however, was avoided.

As of M20, the New Horizon Council has established itself among the Awakened, with several Traditions having adapted to the current times, sometimes even updating their names. Its main base lies in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, tarned as a movie studio. As of 2014, its nine seats are open to be filled by ambitious young mages, who want to get elected by their Tradition.


The New Horizon Council operated originally fairly loose. A system of Heralds communicated among various Awakened communities across the globes, while the New Council held five greater Tribunals that served as its base.

The Council was designed to allow mages of every advanced caliber, even Disciples, to participate. Members were elected by their Traditions, according to their own criterias.




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