New Bremen was a moderated DigiChat roleplay environment set up by White Wolf around April 20, 2000. It was the first of its kind among RPG companies, and ran continuously until mid-2004.

In October 2011, Ian A. A. Watson announced he'd received a license to reopen New Bremen.

Structure Edit

New Bremen itself was originally devised for the PC game Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption, but was ultimately not used. It was recycled for use in the moderated chat.

It later made an appearance in the MTAs: Mage Storytellers Handbook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip as a possible realm in the Digital Web.

The chat was attached to a database of characters created by players. Characters would need to be sanctioned by Storytellers (ChatMaster logins) in order to be permitted to play. Many Storytellers had Assistant STs who could "presanction" a character, acting as sort of triage nurses, filtering out the most egregious errors in character creation.

Characters' affiliations were denoted by a series of 24x24 icons.

Known missing icons: Question mark, "lollipop"

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