Baron Neville is a Seelie Sidhe Grump of House Liam in the Kingdom of Pacifica.

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Baron Neville

The aged, faithful servant of Countess Evaine, Baron Neville is a dedicated servitor with only his mistress' best interests at heart. This is what the countess believes of her steward. The fact that she is, of course, completely wrong makes things far more interesting in Selkrest than they should be.

Aide to the countess' family since time out of mind, Neville has grown steadily more bitter about his being perceived as merely part of her court's machinery. Though the holdings granted him are sizable, he hungers after more recognition and more power. With this in mind, he has hitched himself to Count Elias' star, seeing in the ambitious count a candidate for Aeon's title. Blade's influence over Elias worries Neville perhaps less than it should, as he views himself quite capable of weaning the count from the Unseelie eshu's counsel should it become necessary. in the meantime, he bides his time at Selkrest, careful to never show his utter disinterest in his countess' environmental goals and selkie friends.

Image Edit

The Baron looks like a kindly grandfather. With a bushy Santa Claus beard and enough of a paunch to make him look jolly, he dresses to accentuate his avuncular image. His clothes are neat but frumpy, often in earth tones. He is fond of clawhammer jackets and silver-buttoned vests, but makes sure that there's enough wrinkles to make him look friendly as opposed to ossified.

Personal Edit

Neville may look like Grandpa Walton but he acts like Grandpa Munster. Elaine is so wrapped up in her sealskins that she thinks he's part of the furniture, and Lady Aine, who should be his inferior, is even worse. He's had it with the attitude, so he's going to see if he can hook up with someone on the rise. In the meantime, it's the kindly grandfather act for him. He gets wine and smiles as he does it. He won't outwardly fret when anyone forgets he's a baron; he's used to it by now. Payback will come someday and he can't wait.

Treasures Edit

Baron Neville has a trio of chimerical items worthy of notice. His dagger, Heartsdrinker, can flash in an instant into longsword form, and the silver blade has a rust-stained blood groove. When pressed to the hunt or battle, he dons his unique set of bone mail, crafted from the ribs of a chimeric beast long since banished from Pacifica. The armor encases him completely in rings of bone, making a sinister yet comical figure of him. As for the third, it is a jeweler's loupe that lets him scry through gems. The item makes any attempt to Soothsay easier, provided a jewel is part of any cantrip used to focus the Art.

References Edit

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