Nevers, a shorthand term for the more scholarly "Neverlanders", are a type of Sprite; a kind of Animate Chimera.

Overview Edit

While some changelings find their name ridiculous, those who first saw these chimera at the end of the Victorian Era noticed that they corresponded marvelously with the "fairies" of Sir James Barrie's Peter Pan. They had wings, gave off a glow like a firefly, and their voices sounded like tiny bells chiming until the listener grew used to their speech (which was perfectly intelligent English, often with a British accent.).

Males emit a blue glow and frequently have blue-tinged skin; females emit a soft maybe-pink light and have rosy skin. Those Nevers who emit white light are just "little sillies" who don't know which sex they are and perhaps have none. The famed "pixie dust" of the story seems to shed from their skin like dead cells from a larger creature; the extent of its magical properties is still under debate.

Nevers thrive heavily on belief; the terrible words "I don't believe in fairies" can literally scare the to death, even in a freehold. A child clapping their hands to keep a Never alive is merely focusing their own belief into a tangible form, but a few cynics think it's applause for a well-done death scene. These sprites have a special love for children and are most attracted to childlings and those wilders who haven't quite grown up. Many actively disdain grumps because they're "grown-ups."

Redes Edit

  • Enchantment

References Edit

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