Symbol of the NSC

The Neutralization Specialist Corps (NSC) is a methodology of the Void Engineers that deals with extra-dimensional entities that have somehow entered Earth.

They focus on Dimensional Science.


The Neutralization Specialist Corps see themselves as having undertaken one of the original duties of the Order of Reason. As an entity, however, their formation is a more recent phenomenon. In the wake of the First World War and the Fourth Maelstrom, the Shroud had grown thin and spectres and similar dark entities from the Underworld entered reality. A small department within the Void Engineers, the Office of Entropic Space Affairs, tried to halt them, but to little avail. Around 1916, the Inner Circle feared that if the influx would be left unchecked, mankind itself could be in peril. They ordered the foundation of a specialized task force to deal with these intruders and ensured that they would be appropriately funded.

Since the Cold War, Earth has endured a somewhat peaceful situation, with low incursions. This changed around the time of the Dimensional Anomaly, where more and more spirits seemed to be flung into the world.


As a methodology, the NSC often works hand in hand with the Operatives of the New World Order. The Operatives address witnessed and any damage done to the Consensus, the NSC analyzes what is left behind by the intruders. Some criticize this as an entanglement that is too close, especially since several NSC agents have circumvented their usual Social Conditioning.

Within the Convention, NSC is also responsible for discovering infiltrators, infernalists and Nephandi. With use of Dimensional Science, any taint from outside spiritual influences can be detected and the afflicted by brought for psychological treatment.


  • Interface Defense Corps: These operatives deal with threats from the Near Universe that have somehow bypassed the Border Corps Division. They also monitor portals constructed by Reality Deviants into the different Umbrae.
  • Spectral Neutralization Division: The SND deals with incursions from the Underworld. Working closely with the Necronauts of the Pan-Dimensional Corps, they monitor atrocities and minimizes the damage invading entities deal to the population.
  • Descartes Institute of Mental Health: Formerly located at the Cop, these psychologists deal with the psychological horror the monsters from the Deep Universe and other dimensions inflict on the rest of the Convention.
    • Enforcement Training and Condition Agency: ETCA has the task to social condition Void Engineers that will travel into the Universe to fight with monsters, allegedly to give them mental buffers against the horror these entities secrete. Their conditioning often bypasses that of the N.W.O, allowing the Void Engineers more freedom from Control than other Conventions.


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