A Nest is the social unit of the Nagah. It is composed of 2- 5 shifters, each representing a different breed. Nests are nomadic and generally gather only before the Sesha and the Crowns.

The Nagah nest is in many ways similar to a Garou pack. Nests do not have pack totems, owing to the Nagah’s distant relationship with the majority of Gaian spirits. However, a nest is still considered to have a spiritual bond, which allows them to nominate an “opener of the way” into the Umbra.


Nests do not necessarily have a fixed leadership; the nest members themselves decide who among them should have the final word in crisis situations, and the “leader” position may change hands several times over a mission, depending on the nature of the tasks immediately at hand. Nestmates are usually far too close to make leadership challenges; a Nagah quickly learns to trust his nestmates implicitly and to behave in a manner befitting his nestmates’ trust in him. For many Nagah, their nestmates are their family, their friends, their spiritual guides and their lovers in one and such, the bond between them is much closer than that of any mortal family.


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