Nerigal, the Ice Warrior, is the Planetary Incarna of Mars according to Garou Astrology. It acts as a Totem of War.



Also known as the Bloodied One, Nerigal is the epitome of the warrior ideal. Whether in physical combat, or rhetoric and debate, those born under him are assertive and strong of will (though his Ahroun are noted for being gung-ho at times).

His color is Blood Orange, and corresponds with the zodiac sign of Aries.

Other Names - Ares (Black Furies), Ninurta (Children of Gaia), Morrigan (Fianna), Thor (Get of Fenris), Mars (Glass Walkers), Akhnet (Silent Striders), Svantovit (Shadow Lords), Tobadzistsini (Uktena).

As Totem

The Ice Warrior is among the more willing of pack patrons; it pleases him that packs should shed blood in his name. He will lend his favor to virtually any pack brave enough to seek him out and request his guidance.

Traits & Ban

  • Background Cost: 8


Children of Nerigal never enter fox frenzy; they always enter berserk frenzy. The Ice Warrior also grants each pack member an additional die to Brawl and Melee dice pools, and two temporary points of Glory. Finally, each pack member gains an extra die to soak rolls (which cannot be used to soak silver).


Nerigal's children are forbidden to show fear. They may not retreat once combat is joined, and are not allowed to avoid obstacles rather than overcoming them.


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