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Nergal, the Visage of Spirits is one of the Apocalyptic Forms available to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Halaku.

Angelic Nergal are silent, and never seem to touch the ground. They pass without trace and are beautiful to behold, and they can always perceive the presence of incorporeal souls. Tormented Nergal become bloodstained, shadowy monstrosities that howl with the voices of the damned, ready to snatch spirits away without a moment of thought or tenderness.

The Nergal once worked hand in hand with their fellow Halaku the Namtar, doing spiritually what the Namtar did physically. The Nergal took the life given by the Dagan and recycled it back into the universe; like many Halaku, their job took on a new and horrible meaning when it was applied to humans. Many Nergal became comforters of the dying, but were unwilling to part with the souls who went somewhere beyond their reach. Many began helped souls to anchor themselves to the things they loved and allow them to remain. They eventually helped the Namtar in the creation of a realm of spirits to keep them from wandering endlessly through the living world. The Nergal are also loosely connected with vampires, and they feel quite lucky in their punishments compared to those forced upon Cain.

Background Information

In ancient Babylon, Nergal was a solar deity of the city of Cuth; he was traditionally associated with the goddess Ereshkigal. From a Christian view, he is also considered one of the classic demons and is featured in some books on demonology.

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