See also: Nephthys Mu'at (modern day Silent Strider) and Nebthys (Exalted character)

Nephthys was a powerful Kinfolk who was Embraced by Set. She had her soul shattered by Egyptian Garou.


During the days of ancient Egypt, Nephthys was a member of the Kinfolk of the Silent Striders and fought alongside Shu-Horus against Set. It was her work that helped established contact between the Cult of Isis and her tribe. She also aided Isis in the resurrection of Osiris. But then came the day when she accepted the Embrace from Set in order to live eternally and tried to seduce Shu-Horus to the same fate. He resisted and tore her to shreds, but not after being cursed by her for the perceived injustice of her fate.

But because Set removed her heart with the power of Serpentis[1], she could not be judged within Amenti and was condemned to eternal service to Set, but removed from him in the same manner he severed the Ancestor Spirits from her former kin. Through the actions of a young Ragabash, Khepri Leaps-the-Dunes, who would make it his quest to redeem her soul, a dark rite surfaced that allowed her to die and be reborn as a true creature of the Wyrm when the time will be right.


  1. Through the power Cheat the Scale of Anubis
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