The Nepheshim are a bloodline of Kindred fully immersed in the Lancea et Sanctum's Mendicant faction. Their existence as a distinct bloodline and their unique discipline, Nahdad, remain a secret even from the rest of the convenant.

Mendicants, who as also sometimes called Nepheshim generically, take a series of oaths reinforced by a supernaturally-charged Vinculum: they do not stay in one place more than a lunar month, they do not keep a Haven, they dwell in isolated places, they never feed to satiety and they are forbidden to dwell in comfort when hardship is an option. The Nepheshim bloodline find that these vows are in their blood from the moment of their Embrace, with no need for a Vinculum. In addition, they have mastered important survival skills in the form of Nahdad, which they believe only Mendicants are entitled to learn.

The Nepheshim are a relatively young bloodline, and poorly documented, due to their desire for secrecy. Like other Nepheshim, they suffer from difficulties with social skills due to their lifestyle and long periods of isolation.

References Edit

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