Nemeses are Beasts who hunger for Punishment. Individual Nemeses vary in what kind of behavior they consider worthy of punishment and what kind of punishments they mete out, but in order to feed effectively the victim must be aware that it is a punishment, and what they're being punished for. The punishment chosen by a Nemesis may be out of proportion for the severity of the transgression; they are not interested in justice, only fear

The complexity of a Nemesis's schemes is proportional to her current Satiety. At high Satiety, the punish must be elaborate and drawn out as long as possible--whether that means days of torture or months of smear campaigns. At lower levels of Satiety, the Beast can feed without such intense suffering, as long as the target understands why this is happening to him. A swift beating or a sharp verbal reprimand may be sufficient at the lowest levels of Satiety.